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Selling Techniques That Work
Location:Webster University
32 Discovery, #250, Irvine 92618
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Date & Time:July 17 2017, Monday, from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Cost:No Cost
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Are you afraid of selling? Don't be! Register for this workshop and learn how to relish the opportunity to engage in the process! Selling is a skill that is learned not inherent. It is a 'step by step' procedure. There is no such thing as a "born salesperson" learns how to be a successful salesperson. You can learn the proper steps to a successful sale. Proper selling is an example of 'behaviour modification'. Your goal is to change the behaviour of a client into buying your product and/or service. It's not an exact science. There are no 'silver bullets' that work all the time. You will learn how to present yourself, your product and/or service and your ideas for better solutions to the customer’s business problems. This workshop is a BASIC selling technique workshop primarily for ‘face to face’ and telephone sales. It is basically “Selling 101” that will help you in these areas and more. After taking this workshop, you will have learned how to make a sale, to create the right impression what to say and when to say it for maximum impact while being able to recognize the signs that a customer is ready to buy and if they are not what to do next. With what is learned in this workshop, you will make the most out of every sales opportunity.

Pete Foley of SCORE presents this workshop. Pete was employed in the sales and marketing of major corporations in the transportation business and retired from FedEx Freight, Inc., after 16 years as Vice President of Sales. While at FedEx, Pete also worked closely with the Marketing Department to aid in pricing, positioning, and advertising the products he managed. At the time Pete retired, this segment of FedEx was the largest Less Than Truckload (LTL) company in the Western United States. He has developed, taught and facilitated numerous Sales, Marketing and Negotiation courses throughout his career.

(Registration/Check-in 10:00 to 10:30 AM)
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