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The Best Customer Service...How To...The Basics
Location:Brea Chamber of Commerce
1 Civic Center Circle, 2nd Floor, Brea 92821
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Date & Time:August 3 2017, Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost:No Cost
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This is a very interactive, high energy workshop that focuses on the simple fact that if the employers treat their people right - hire the right people, train them right, reward them right, hold them accountable, etc. - then their people will always go the extra distance for the customer and their employer. The premise is very simple: Treat people how you want to be treated as a way of life. By taking that simple basic concept and expanding it into specific behaviors and key focus areas, any business or person can and will improve their financial and personal success. If you always do what you've always'll always get what you've always gotten. Want to get a different result? Then it's time to do something different.

The presenter of this workshop is Dan Quinn, Director of Corporate Relations, Easter Seals Southern California. The key elements that he brings to every presentation are his experience and passion. With an entire career spent in the field of hands-on retail, he is able to relate to associates at all levels because "I've been there" doing what they do. He has over 30 years of customer service and training experience, making dynamic, hands-on, innovative training happen at all levels from one-on one mentoring to corporate presentations. He delivers workshops that people come away from saying things like: "I can do that", "That's the kind of Leader I want to be", "That was the best meeting I've ever attended"! Then they create a different, winning experience for their associates and their customers.

(Registration/Check-in 5:30 to 6:00 PM)
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